Photo Gifts at your next party or event is certain to keep 'em talking for some time. 

If you run corporate events, the photo gift will help you continue the goodwill long after the party is over.

Event hosts want their guests to have a great time, but they also want them to go home with a keepsake of the event they'll enjoy.  We can help.  We offer digital photography of your guests and instantly create finished photographs or photo buttons they take home with them at the end of the event. 

When you select photographs for your guests, you select from a variety of handsome photomounts that can be customized with your event name and date foil-stamped right on the folder.  We can directly print the event name and date right on the picture! 

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There are a number of options for you to consider with frames, picture sizes, backgrounds, etc.  Let us customize a photo for your event!

Pictures Mounted in "Formal" Frames

Pictures Mounted in "Fun" Frames

Photo Buttons

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Here's How It Works

  1. We setup a "mini-studio" at your event complete with backdrop and studio lights. Some clients add extras such as hats or other props based on the theme of the event.  This adds extra fun for your guests.

  1. We take pictures of your guests as they arrive at and during your event.  It only takes a few seconds for each guest or couple.  They can even see what it looks like before we print it. 

  1. We then print and mount your photos in frames, making photo buttons, etc.  When they are complete, we arrange them on a table for pickup by your guests.  They take them home with them before the event is over.  Finished photos are mounted in attractive frames in 3 minutes or less.  Your guests will be amazed at the quality and speed of the finished images.

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