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We specialize in 2 major photography services:

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1.  Instant On-Site Photos

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate Events
  • Sweet 16's
  • Weddings
  • Golf Outings
  • Parties
  • Anniversaries
Produced during the event and given to your guests in minutes!

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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs (my specialty)
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Skyler's Bar Mitzvah 9-15
Jared's Bar Mitzvah 3-15
Cole's Bar Mitzvah 2-15
BCBSNC Event Setup 1-15
William's Bar Mitzvah 11-14
Ben's Bar Mitzvah 11-14
Adam's Bar Mitzvah 10-14 (no sound)
NC Nurse Anesthestists-10-14 Rachel's Bat Mitzvah 4-14
BCBS-Cust-Svc-Awards-2-14 Lindsay's Bat Mitzvah 11-13
NC Nurse Anesthestists-10-13 Michelle's Bat Mitzvah 10-12
NC Nurse Anesthestists-10-12
Troy's Bar Mitzvah 3-12
Isabelle's Bat Mitzvah 10-11
Corey's Bar Mitzvah 9-11
NC Nurse Anesthestists-9-11 Rachel's Bat Mitzvah 4-11
Hannah's Bat Mitzvah 2-11
Daniel's Bar Mitzvah 11-10
David's Bar Mitzvah 9-10
NC Nurse Anesthestists-9-10 Brandon's Bar Mitzvah 2-10
Elianna's Bat Mitzvah 11-09
NC Nurse Anesthestists-10-09
Elliot's Bar Mitzvah 3-06
Brittany's Bat Mitzvah 4-09
JT Davenport Sales Mtg 2-09
Davia's Bat Mitzvah 10-08
Emily's Bat Mitzvah 10-08
Resources Srs-Ann Farmer-9-08 Resources Srs-Lori Lee-9-08
Josh's Bar Mitzvah 8-08
ISES 10th Anniversary 5-08
Erik & Adam's Bar Mitzvah 2-08 Resources for Seniors 2-08
JT Davenport Sales Mtg 2-08
Louis' Bar Mitzvah 12-07
Eric's Bar Mitzvah 10-07
Rachel's Bat Mitzvah 10-07
Resources Srs-Jill Wolford-9-07
Resources Srs-Dr. Weaver-9-07
Eliza's Bat Mitzvah 9-07
Leo's Bar Mitzvah 6-07
Norah's Bat Mitzvah 5-07
Brianne's Bat Mitzvah 5-07

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2.  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs--Pictures on the Bima, Reception Coverage, Sign-in Boards

Greeting Cards for Holidays, Birth Announcements,
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