We think Photo Buttons are FUN!  It's great when your guests go home with something so personal as their picture.  We can customize the button  with lettering around the outside of the button too, in any color. 

At your event, we'll setup a lighted area with backdrop so we can take a nice photo of each person, couple or group (up to 4 or 5).  People can stop by anytime during the event and we'll take their picture.

Then, the photos are color-corrected and sized for the button.   The photos are printed and the buttons are prepared on-site.  We lay them out on a table for your guests to pick up during the evening.  You choose either a pin, clip or very popular refrigerator magnet backing.

All our buttons are 3" in diameter and have a protective mylar coating when finished.  They'll last for years!  One of our customers said it made it through the washer!

Other applications for these buttons include:
     - Nametags
     - Athletic Booster pins (with or without pictures)
     - Volunteer recognition (an excellent yet inexpensive way to recognize volunteers)

First, decide on the button backing you want

Safety pin back

Magnet back for the
or metal surface.
These are very popular.

Bulldog clip.
It can clip to clothing without damage.

Next, do you want printing on the button?

That's it!  We bring in the lights and background,
take the pictures,
make the buttons,
then lay them out on a table for your guests to pick up later.
Your guests will love this!!

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