We provide Instant On-Site Photographs at your Event and can mount these in a variety of cardboard frames.  You can choose from 3 1/8" square photos to 5 x 7" photos mounted in your choice of frames.

These are perfect for formal events, such as corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, proms, golf outings, or other events.

For a true customized look, we can print the name of the event directly on the picture, or you can choose to have the frame foil-stamped in gold, silver, or other colors.  We can even reproduce your own artwork and logos. 

Here is a sample of some of the choices available.  We have many more samples to show you.  Color selections include black, brown, white, or gray. 

One option is to print a 5x7" color photo and your event
Name on the inside flap.   This is very popular.

These economy frames hold a 3 1/8" square photo.  We can print on the frame also.

There are many other styles of frames from which to choose from. 

These frames are perfect for dances, formal affairs, or high school proms

This frame is perfect to match an individual picture with a team shot for sports teams 

Victorian style frame

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