I bring years of experience when photographing your son or daughter's Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  (I've been through it twice with my family!)  I now do about 30 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs/year, and have developed this as a top specialty. 

I KNOW how to do these right.  Your kids have probably been to an affair we've been at, and will tell you they love our photo booth.

There are 4 areas we cover at your Simcha:

1.  Bima Pictures--We can arrange to meet at your Temple or Synagogue to photograph your son or daughter on the Bima.  Although we typically cannot photograph during services, we photograph at the lecturn, holding the Torah, in front of the Ark, and with family members the day before or after Shabbat. 

2.  Reception Coverage--We capture your guests at the cocktail hour, table images, the Hamotze, Candlelighting ceremony, and the Hora (and family up on chairs) dancing.

3.  Photo Montage--This is very popular.  You provide us with photographs or digital images and we prepare a high quality show with transitions, music, and titles.  We can also rent the projector and screen and run this during your affair.  You just keep visiting with your guests!  To sample a video, please visit here (takes awhile to load).  VIEW OTHERS HERE:

Elliot's Bar Mitzvah 3-06
Louis' Bar Mitzvah 12-07
Eric's Bar Mitzvah 10-07
Rachel's Bat Mitzvah 10-07
Rachel's Bat Mitzvah 5-06
Jack's Bar Mitzvah 11-05

4.  Photo Gifts for Your Guests--We can provide instant photos with a custom-designed graphic overlay with your Mitzvah date, using your colors and themes in a frame designed just for your son or daughter.  Each photo printed carries the graphic as part of the photo.  We then mount the photo in an attractive folio for your guests to take home.  We also do greenscreen.  They'll love it!  For more information, please visit here

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